Polypropylene/Polyethylene (PP/PE) Monoblock Pumps

Polypropylene/Polyethylene (PP/PE) Monoblock Pumps

  • Ideal for lower duty conditions

  • Flanges offered in various standards

  • impeller mounted in such a way to balance the axial thrust

  • No Bearings on the pump side

  • High efficiency at operating range

  • Easy maintenance and handling

  • Lubrication eliminated

  • Occupies minimum space

  • Max. Capacity : 30m3/hr

  • Max. Head: 30 Meters

  • Pump fitted Mechanical seal of higher size of 35 mm (Increases the life of the seal and avoids leakages over extended period)

  • Plating industries

  • Scrubber systems

  • Transfer of acids

  • Recirculation process

  • Water treatment plants

  • Process applications

  • Effluent treatment plants


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