Seal Less Vertical Polypropylene and PE Pumps

Seal Less Vertical Polypropylene and PE Pumps

  • Polypropylene Immersible Pumps are fully immersed in the liquid and meant for continuous operation.

  • The extended shaft, encased in a Polypropylene tube, is connected to the Impeller at the other end.

  • All the wet parts are made out of Polypropylene and eliminate corrosion.

  • The overflow is allowed to pass through the annular space between the shaft and the column pipe.

  • The auxiliary impeller provided at the top ensures the liquid does not travel towards the motor side.

  • The excess liquid is allowed to flow back to the tank through the drain holes provided in the column Pipe.

  • Max capacity : 26 m3/hr

  • Max head : 25 M

  • No seal/ No Magnet / No packing.

  • No coupling / No alignment.

  • Suitable for Dry running.

  • Suitable for handling particles.

  • Temperature: Up to 90°C.

  • In tank & out tank installation.

  • Plating industries

  • Scrubber systems

  • Water treatment plants

  • Process applications

  • Effluent treatment plants

  • Transfer of acid

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