Seal Less Self Priming Magnetic Drive Pump

Seal Less Self Priming Magnetic Drive Pump

  • Self-priming power of 5m without any Foot Valve

  • Unique Heat insulated bearing structure is resistant to dry running

  • Resistant to slurry and sludge

  • Back-pull-out system enables safe and efficient maintenance

  • Special structure that quickly shuts off the backflow liquid with a unique siphon cut structure, leaving sufficient self-priming liquid inside the casing

  • No priming is required during the second and subsequent operations

  • Compatible with horizontal suction piping and harsh piping conditions


  • Max. Temp: 80 Degrees

  • Specific Gravity : 1.4

  • Capacity: Upto 360 LPM

  • Head (max) : 35 M

  • Pull-out transfer from the top of the tank

  • For suction transfer from high places or deep tanks

  • For Transferring or recirculation of any corrosive liquid from Underground

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